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    As our name implies, Clear Vision Publishing seeks to create media that will clearly identify ways to improve quality of life on all levels. We combine ancient and enduring wisdom with modern social science models to find new ways for individuals and groups to grow and develop.
    We believe that human exchanges form human relationships which, in turn, establish how we determine and define reality. Perceived reality shapes possibilities for future exchanges.
    When performed in an atmosphere of growth and development, relationships cannot help but improve; reality achieves new dimensions.



    Our mission is to help consumers of our media products improve their ability to identify and pursue personal, interpersonal, spiritual and social growth. We work with experts who are currently exploring the myriad ways we may contribute to the quality of life for self and others.

    • CoverBattlefieldtoBallField

      Battlefield to Ball Field

      Everyone knows that amputees have to settle for a lower quality of life. Or at least that’s what everyone thought…

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    Shake Hands
    CVPublishing, Inc.
    301 Highway Nine
    Manalapan, New Jersey 07726
    Phone: 732-580-5303
    Email: spclarfield@hotmail.com


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